Festival 2019

28 July - 1 August

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20 Uhr // Dorfkirche St. Niels Westerland

14.30 Uhr // Kinderkonzert Kleines Musiktheater Westerland
22 Uhr // Akademie am Meer Klappholttal

12 Uhr // Galerie Falkenstern Fine Art Kampen
20 Uhr // Dorfkirche St. Niels Westerland

12 Uhr // Sylter Heimatmuseum Keitum
17 Uhr // Muasem Hüs Morsum
20 Uhr // Kirche St. Martin zu Morsum

11 Uhr // Akademie am Meer Klappholttal
20 Uhr // Friesensaal Keitum

Artists 2019

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The Festival

Since 2012, Kammermusikfest Sylt makes the summer on the island even more enjoyable!

Every year at the end of July the cellist Claude Frochaux, artistic director of the festival, invites renowned musicians to join him for a wonderful week of chamber music making. The artists do not come to play only one concert - they spend the week together and become a creative unit, which can be heard during the festival week in many different combinations. They offer top class chamber music performances in a warm and relaxed atmosphere which is enjoyed by an enthusiastic public.
The concerts take place in many varied venues all around the island, such as the beautiful St.Niels Church in Alt-Westerland, the culture loving Akademie am Meer in Klappholttal and the elegant Falkenstern Fine Art & Atelier Sprotte to mention a few.
Wherever you are during your holiday on the island, the festival certainly brings a concert near you. What better way to discover the island from a new perspective than to attend all the concerts of the week and enjoy along the way a great day at the beach, a bike tour or a tasty plate of fish. With our festival pass, you can experience all the concerts at an especially low price! in addition, all visitors under 29 years are welcome for free!
Kammermusikfest Sylt wants to spread the joy of chamber music to everybody. Each year there is a children's concert in the charming Kleines Musik Theater found at the Kreismusikschule Westerland as well as benefit concerts and workshops, including an ongoing and warm exchange with Sylter Werkstätten.
Each year, the festival is based on a theme which inspires the repertoire of the entire week. There is a thread connecting all the concerts, which are designed to create a musical journey of discovery for the audience.
On this website you will find comprehensive information about the festival. You may also wish to have a look at our Festival Friends scheme which is created in order to ensure a sustainable future. If you wish to receive news about the festival via email, please join our newsletter.

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Jedes Jahr bringt der gemeinnützige Kammermusikfest Sylt e.V. ganz besondere Künstler und eine unvergessliche Atmosphäre auf die Insel.

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