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Diego Vila

Diego Vila is a composer, arranger and author of numerous pieces of music he stages on the piano. The melodies of the Tango of Buenos Aires and the Argentine folklore have always moved him.

In the environment of the theater, which he particularly likes, he has written the music of several celebrated shows: 'Orestes', a tango opera, in collaboration with scriptwriter and director Betty Gambartes and a choreography by Oscar Aráiz, 'Discepolín y yo', co-authored with Bernardo Carey, dedicated to the poet Enrique Santos Discépolo, the 'Opera de tres centavos', the Argentine version of the famous Threepenny Opera by Brecht and Weill and 'No te prometo amor eterno' with Nasha Guevara and Manuel Bandera. 'Manzi, la vida en orsái', which was created in Buenos Aires in 2018 and for which he collaborated again with Bernardo Carey, has become the most awarded musical play in the history of Argentine theater with 24 awards and 37 nominations.

Diego Vila is a regular collaborator of Alfredo Arias and composed music for several pieces by the great Argentine director and playwriter: Divino Amore (Paris, 2007), Tatuaje (Paris, 2009), Hermanas (Paris, 2012), Cinelandia (Paris, 2012) and Deshonrada (Buenos Aires, 2015), El closet (Buenos Aires, 2013) and Delirio Gaucho (Buenos Aires, 2012-2013).

He also wrote original music for documentary films such as 'Project Huemul', 'Mercedes Sosa, the Voice of Latin America' and 'Tango in Paris, Memories of Astor Piazzolla' by Rodrigo Vila.

His passion for tango is also evident in arrangements for strings and solo parts: 'De Gardel a Piazzolla' (Paris, 2014) with Susanna Moncayo; 'Tres Dramas para Orquesta' (Buenos Aires, 2014 - 2016) with Alejandra Radano and 'Quirón Agoniza - Teatro para el Oido' in collaboration with Alberto Muñoz (Buenos Aires, 2018).

With an insatiable curiosity, Diego Vila has also contributed to productions that are not specifically dedicated to tango: 'Kantes i cuentos de Sefarad' with Marga Grajer, 'Academia de baile - Melodrama Rioplatense' with Albeto Muñoz; 'Ten - los diez mandamientos' with Alberto Muñoz, 'Napoli - Canzonette' with Cristina Persico, 'Inhumana' with Alejandra Radano and 'Dijeron de Mí', a tango tune about Tita Merello with Virginia Innocenti.

His extensive discography also includes numerous recordings with Susanna Moncayo.